Stay Cool This Summer: Check Your Car’s Air Conditioning System

Posted On27.06.2023

Traveling in a car without a properly maintained AC is unimaginable. If it is in the summer, traveling can be hectic and far from imaginable without a properly working air conditioning system. Whether you are planning to embark on your long-awaited road trip or simply commute to work, the importance of AC in your car, particularly during the summer season, cannot be overstated.

In this blog, we will delve into the need for having a reliable AC in the sweltering summers and explore how it enhances comfort, safety, and the overall driving experience. Get to know why the AC in the car is more than just a luxury feature; it is an absolute necessity in the scorching months.

Get the Most Out of Your Car AC This Summer with These Tips

Problems with air conditioning systems can be quite common. Oftentimes, they can be minor, but sometimes they can be significant. To make your AC unbeatable and keep yourself cool and comfortable during the summer drives, we have compiled a set of handy tips to ensure the AC operates at its best.

Tips for car AC inspection and maintenance

  • Always start your car’s AC on a low setting

When you first turn on the car’s air conditioner, the fan speed should always be at its minimum. This allows the system to gently cool down while reducing stress on the components. As you get more comfortable with the interior temperature, gradually increase the fan speed to your desired level. 

  • Check that your filter is clean and sound-free

A Clean Cabin Air Filter (A/C Filter) is critical for preventing dust, pollen, and other particles from entering the car’s cabin. Clean and examine your air conditioner’s filter, and replace it if necessary. Furthermore, keep an ear out for any odd noises, such as squeaking or rattling, that can point to a problem with the AC filter or other AC parts. 

  • Examine for odors and odd sightings

The foul smell from AC vents can be a sign of bacterial or mold growth in the system. If there is an unusual smell, it is important to address it promptly. Consider using a cleaner for the air conditioner or taking your car to a professional to be cleaned and deodorized. 

  • Keep an eye out for refrigerant gas leaks

Like any other air conditioner, refrigerant is one of the essential parts for keeping your car cool in the summer. Oily residue surrounding the connections is one example, indicating leakage in refrigerant gas which leads to loss in cooling performance. The leaks from the refrigerant in the air conditioner not only reduce the efficiency of the air conditioner but can also harm the environment. 

  • Ensure the compressor is working efficiently

The compressor of an air conditioner is a vital component and is responsible for circulating refrigerant and compressing it into a high-pressure state. To check its functionality, turn on the AC and listen for its distinct sound, which indicates the compressor is engaged properly. If it doesn’t produce its distinct sound or you notice any issues with cooling, it’s advisable to have the compressor inspected by a professional. 

Additional Tips for Making Your Car Work Efficiently in Hot Weather

Some of the additional steps to make sure the automobile runs efficiently in the heat, other than the air conditioning, are: 

  • Check the tires of your automobile 

The scorching heat can significantly affect the condition of the tires. Try to regularly check the tire’s pressure, as heat can cause the air within them to expand and cause overinflation. Moreover, the underinflated tires might produce too much heat and raise the possibility of a blowout. Check the tread depth of your tires for any signs of wear or damage, and make sure they are inflated to the manufacturer’s specifications.   

  • Check the car battery 

Regular checking of your car battery is necessary, especially in hot weather conditions. You should also routinely check the battery to make sure the connections are tidy and connected safely. If your battery is old or shows any signs of weakening, consider having it tested by a professional to determine its reliability and durability. For a better start, especially in the sweltering summer, a properly maintained battery is essential.  

  • Feel and hear your brakes 

In high temperatures, the brake system of the automobile may experience greater stress. Pay attention to the sound and feel of the brakes. If you hear any unusual squeaking or vibrations, your pads may be worn out and require replacement.   

The Importance of Checking Engine Oil, Gear Oil & Coolant

When it comes to the optimal functioning and longevity of automobiles, regular engine oil, and fluid checks are very essential. The engine oil serves as the lifeblood of the engine, ensures efficient functioning, and lessens wear and tear. Here are some of the reasons why performing routine oil and fluid checks is crucial.   

  • Heat dissipation:

The engine oil & coolant plays an effective role in the heat dissipation process of the engine. In order to avoid overheating and keep the engine’s operating temperature within a safe range, the oil and coolant circulate around the engine, absorbing heat from various parts as it does so. 

  • Lubrication:

Engine oil lubricates the moving components, lowering the friction and the heat produced while the engine is running. Preventing excessive wear and tear improves the engine’s performance and increases its longevity.  

While monitoring the engine oil, you should also check the coolant, brake, power steering, and gearbox fluid levels. Low fluid levels can result in overheating, braking failure, or gearbox issues. Adequate fluid levels ensure the proper operation of these systems and avoid harm from low fluid levels.

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Which AC mode should I use in the summer?

The ideal mode for an air conditioner is to select either heating or cooling mode, not auto mode. 

Why is my car’s AC not cooling in the summer?

When a car’s air conditioner doesn’t blow enough cold air, it’s usually because it needs to be recharged. Even though you can do it yourself, it is best to hire a professional to save time and make sure the job is done right.

How long does an AC recharge last in a car?

The air conditioning doesn’t run all the time, so unless you live in a very hot area, you can usually expect a recharge to last at least three years.