Kuwait UAE

Our Story

Early years

AlMailem Group was established in 1960, which is more than half-century ago and one year before Kuwait became independent of British protection in June 1961. The company was started by Mr.Kuldeep Singh Lamba, who was among the earliest pioneers of the now thriving Indian diaspora in Kuwait. In those days, Kuwait was just a modest desert economy, and it took lot of courage and a spirit of adventure to commence business here.

In the beginning, we had just one tire shop with a skeletal staff of three persons and sales limited to nearby areas.

Expansion Phase

Over the years, operations have progressively grown with gradual expansion of retail network and acquisition of agencies for many top brands of tires.

The group also diversified into other related products covering spare parts, auto-glass, batteries, garage-equipment and most recently lubricants in year 2006. During this period of growth, we never strayed away from the core business of automobile-related industry, and today we are the leading distributor & retailer in this sector with a staff of more than 650 employees.

“It has been an eventful journey covering more than five decades, during which we have had our share of ups and downs”, recalls Mr.Lamba, adding “we have also been witness to and part of tumultuous changes this country has experienced including the cataclysmic invasion of Kuwait by Iraqi forces. It was the courageous spirit of our people and their unwavering commitment which helped us to bounce back after relatively difficult times”.

Geared up for the Future

Though Kuwait is relatively a small country, the range and diversity of its vehicle population is amazing. Most major international automobile companies, in both passenger and commercial segment, are represented here. Besides, various kinds of construction, material-handling and oil-rig equipments are working on & off the road. In such a scenario, it is quite a challenge for any automotive-support industry to ensure adequate availability and optimum distribution of all related items. We have been quite successful in this endeavor, and today AlMailem is a household name in the country with a significant presence in all automotive sectors.

“We keep on fine-tuning and upgrading our business strategies & systems so as to satisfy the ever-changing and discerning needs of our customers”, says Mr.Lamba, adding “given the nature of business, market complexities and international demand-supply dynamics, we have to be alert and pro-active always. In this context, we are fortunate to have always received excellent support from our principals, who stood by us even in adverse situations”. One thing which has remained constant over the years is our strong commitment towards customer service, and that is what gives us confidence in being able to handle all future challenges.