Our Story

AlMailem's Story

Kuwait in the 60’s was a bedrock of heat and strife. A small number of Indian diaspora in this region were trying to survive, building their life brick by brick. Among them, our founder Mr Kuldeep Singh Lamba, in his quest for economic liberation, set up AlMailem’s first retail tire shop.

The business grew steadily and was literally a one-man show. It took a lot of courage running this business in a desert economy. But Mr Lamba was determined to make it work.

It was a steep growth curve after that, building relationships with international suppliers and their brands, cultivating new customers , adding business verticals like Auto Parts, Oil Field Hardware Supplies and many more.

In August 1990, Kuwait witnessed the Iraqi invasion. This was an emotionally traumatic time for everyone who lived or was connected to the region. During this time, Kuwait was shut down for business and all major corporates went into heavy losses.

After the dust settled, Mr Lamba now had the arduous task of re-establishing AlMailem’s business . This posed huge challenges as only empty buildings remained. With sheer grit and strong support from their valued customers and suppliers, AlMailem was back . As always It was people - customers and employees both, who played a key role in the then and now of Al Mailem

Today we consider ourselves one of the leaders in Kuwait's automotive industry. We are the go-to people for tires, auto spare parts, auto glass, lubricants, batteries and range of equipment for garages and workshops. We represent distribution rights for top international brands. Our multi-racial workforce has been equally built on values of trust, loyalty and service

Our treadmarks now run wide and deep across the length of the country.