Recycled Products

Green Rubber Recycling Co.

GRRC is a step towards building a movement towards sustainability within the automotive industry by going beyond short-term, inadequate and hazardous stockpiling of tires. The seemingly endless seas of discarded rubber in the Kuwaiti desert have proven to be environmentally disastrous in the past. We ensure that the tires sold by us are not only provided a safer and cleaner alternative of disposal but are given a new lease of life, be it on playgrounds and sports fields, or as fuel and flooring. GRRC believes that responsible business practices coupled with human ingenuity can address the world-wide problem of urban waste and create enduring value. Every day, used tires are collected from AlMailem’s various tire retail outlets and taken to our state-of-the-art factory, where investment in the newest recycling technology enables us to process and produce many items of utility. We are proud of our contribution in making our country and planet cleaner and safer for all.