Terms & Conditions


Mandatory: Warranty Claims will only be processed against submission of the original invoice.
A copy will not be accepted.


  • Warranty period from the date of the invoice is as follows:

    • Tire 1 year
    • Tire Vibration 10 Days
    • Tire: Flat Spot 10 Days
  • Tires are warranted against manufacturing defects only, and settlement will be pro-rata based on remaining tread depth.
  • The warranty does not cover tires under the following condition:
    • Damages due to road hazards causing cuts/bulges on tire sidewall.
    • Repaired / Punctured tires or use of puncture sealants.
    • Sidewall damaged / tread peeling due to running flat after a puncture.
    • Irregular wear caused due to low and high inflation, mechanical irregularity of vehicle & misalignment of wheels.
    • Flat sports due to long parking / hard braking.
    • Used in racing, drifting and any other service abuses.
    • Damage caused by touching vehicle hardware.
    • Tire mounted on non- genuine rim.
  • Warranty does not cover any consequential damages or losses to the vehicle, damages caused to third-party property, loss of time or income or any other additional losses due To tire defect. The maximum amount of warranty claim will not exceed the net price at Which the tire was invoiced.
  • Customers are kindly requested to collect their old tires during changes. AlMailem will not be responsible for the safe keeping of removed tires changed will be destroyed as per government law number 239/2015
  • Paid with terms and conditions applicable to the customer.
  • AlMailem Co.’s decision to accept the tire claim shall be final.