How Does the Tire Tread Pattern Affect the Car Performance

Posted On03.08.2023

What is a tire tread pattern? Tire tread patterns are referred to as the rubber present on the circumference that comes in contact with the ground or road. It is designed in the form of grooves and ridges arranged in a pattern to provide grip and stability while travelling through wet, snowy, or muddy road conditions.

There are tires made specifically for each season, such as winter and summer, and tires suitable for any season. Are you confused about finding the right tire in the changing seasons? If that’s the case, this blog will let you know more about tire tread patterns and their applications.

Main Function of Tire Tread Patterns 

As mentioned above, there are different tire treads, and each is designed for a specific purpose. Now, what is the need for different tire tread patterns? Or how can you benefit from different tire tread patterns?

Tire tread patterns are made on the circumference of tires to displace water on muddy roads. As a result, the tires can make contact with the ground, providing a smooth ride. A few benefits of tire tread patterns include the following:

  • Traction

Traction control systems are integrated into vehicles to detect any loss of tire grip on the road. And how do tire tread patterns aid in providing traction? Tire treads are primarily designed to provide traction on any road surface. The grooves and ridges of the tire treads displace water, mud, snow, and other materials that act as barriers against a smooth ride.

By increasing the area of contact between the tire and the track, tire tread patterns improve grip. This in turn reduces the risk of sliding on slippery surfaces, hydroplaning, skidding, and losing control.

  • Durability

Tire tread patterns also aid in improving the longevity of tires by ensuring equal weight distribution. Tire tread patterns made of hard rubber ensure the quality and durability of your vehicle’s tires. In addition, there are different tire tread patterns suitable for each type of road to evenly distribute weight and stress. Therefore, wear and tear on tires is greatly reduced, contributing to an extended warranty.

  • Noise Reduction

An effective tire tread pattern also contributes to providing a smooth and comfortable ride, which in turn greatly reduces noise and vibrations. It is the presence of mud, debris, and other things that make you uncomfortable and noisy. Tire tread patterns remove this uneasiness and provide a smooth ride, which disperses these barriers. Thus, tire pattern designs aid in noise reduction.

  • Easy Handling and Braking

Tire tread types are also great at handling by reducing the risk of sliding or hydroplaning and providing better stability. Tire pattern designs improve brake performance as well, thus saving you from major accidents. It ensures improved braking by providing grip and slowing down from a distance with ease.

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What are the Different Types of Tire Tread Patterns?

There are various tire tread patterns to choose from for smooth and comfortable long or short rides. These variants include:

Directional Tire Tread Pattern

Directional tyre tread patterns are made so that a vehicle can only move in one direction, as the name suggests. There are lateral grooves designed to meet in the center, which is then shaped like an arrowhead. And the V-shaped grooves at the end help prevent hydroplaning by letting water flow through the tread pattern more quickly.

This tire tread pattern also gives you more grip, which keeps you safe when driving on muddy or snowy roads. As a result, the tire pattern type is an all-rounder that is suitable for any season.

Asymmetrical Tire Tread Pattern

An asymmetrical tire tread pattern, as the name itself implies, is asymmetrical in appearance and has two different designs. One on the inner half and another on the outer half, giving it an unusual look while also serving a particular purpose. 

Since the inner tread pushes the water away, it can be used to keep the car from hydroplaning. Whereas, the outer tread has rigid grooves and ridges to provide a higher grip while cornering. Owing to its elevated design and structure, the asymmetrical tread is a better choice for ultra-high-performance cars.

Symmetrical Tire Tread Pattern

Symmetrical tread pattern type is one of the most common tread patterns and is a perfect choice for normal, passenger cars. Therefore, this type of tire tread pattern is not at all suited for high-performance vehicles.

Unlike asymmetrical tire tread patterns, symmetrical tire tread patterns have the same tread type on the inner and outer parts. Owing to its superior design and structure, the tire tread pattern provides a smooth and comfortable ride with higher stability.

Using symmetrical tread in vehicles is good because it makes tyres last longer, uses less gas, and makes less noise. This tread pattern is perfect for dry roads because it provides a steady grip. It may, however, be ineffective in wet and muddy conditions.

Rib-shaped Tire Tread Pattern

Rib-shaped tire tread patterns come with rib-shaped tread on the tire circumference, and grooves are shaped in straight lines or in the form of S-shaped voids. For its high-end design, this tire tread type is perfect for hard surfaces such as concrete or tarmac.

The advantages of employing rib-shaped tread patterns include the following:

  • It provides directional stability and complete control over the steering.
  • Reduced rolling resistance, which in turn provides improved fuel efficiency.
  • Rib-shaped tire patterns can be used for high-performance vehicles.

Lug-shaped Tire Tread Pattern

Lug-shaped tire tread is aligned in a series, with grooves parallel to each other. The lug-shaped grooves are arranged such that the ridges look perpendicular to the circumference of the tire.

The main benefit of this particular tire tread pattern is that it could provide higher traction and hence be used in drive axles of commercial vehicles such as 4×4 vehicles. Additional benefits of including lug-shaped tire tread patterns also include providing excellent grip while accelerating and braking.

Mixed Rib-Lug Tire Tread Pattern

This mixed tire pattern is symmetrical in appearance and has the combined features of both lug and rib-shaped tire tread patterns. Hence, the rib-lug tire pattern combines S-shaped voids and lug-shaped grooves in perpendicular directions.

Which type of vehicle gets the most out of rib-lug tire tread? This type is best suited for heavy-loaded vehicles such as trucks and buses on dirt and paved roads. Another advantage of rib-lug tire tread is that it provides balanced performance and better braking.

How to Choose the Right Tire Tread Pattern?

To ensure safety and comfort while travelling long distances, it is quite important to check the tires and make sure to upgrade them based on the road conditions. The following are some factors to consider when selecting a tire tread pattern:

  • Look for the road conditions. You may check if the road is muddy, dry, or snowy. And choose tire tread that could easily displace ground debris.
  • Choose a tire tread pattern based on the type of vehicle. Sports cars require one that has excellent handling and cornering capacities. However, passengers could greatly benefit from employing symmetric tire tread patterns.
  • You may opt for a tire tread based on your driving style as well. Asymmetrical and directional tire treads are recommended for high performance.
  • Ensure that you choose a trustworthy and reliable brand for safe and comfortable rides.
  • Furthermore,  you could also talk to an expert about how to choose the best tire tread for your vehicle.

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