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Toyo Tires

The company

Founded in 1945 in Japan, Toyo Tire & Rubber Co. Ltd. has been in manufacturing and sales business of

automobile tires and rubber products. The company has stood for innovation, quality, performance and

excellent service for nearly 70 years, and is currently shifting to a stage of further growth based upon

strengthening of various business bases.

Global presence

Toyo’s business activities are not limited to Japan, but spread over more than 100 countries and regions

world-wide, providing unique products that meet the diversifying needs of customers globally.

Driven to perform

The corporate attitude of Toyo Tires is expressed in the brand statement ‘driven to perform’ which

means ‘in pursuit of the best performance’. The company is always striving to improve the technology

behind tires so that they are safer, greener and more durable.

Safer & Longer-lasting tires

No matter what you drive, Toyo is finding ways to give you quicker acceleration, more stopping power,

more precise cornering and a smoother, quieter ride.

Commitment to the Environment

Toyo also considers performance in environmental terms. Tecology is Toyo’s global initiative under which

Toyo is working to use less energy and reduce environmental impact in the manufacture, composition

and performance of every product it makes

Development & Testing

Toyo applies leading edge technology, innovation and testing to every tire it develops. From the

company’s state-of-the-art testing facilities to real world data and racing performance, Toyo uses this

knowledge to make the best products. The company Tech Centre in Itami, Japan is one of the most

advanced in the world, and it also houses Flat-Trac II Tire Test machine and super-computer based

simulation systems, which are at the heart of Toyo’s T-mode technology.

Product Portfolio

The Toyo product portfolio covers a broad range of applications – from the high-performance, racing-

inspired Proxes series to the Open Country line for SUVs & 4WDs together with specialized tire lines for

commercial applications.

Premium Sponsor of AC Milan

In April 2014,Toyo finalized an agreement to support AC Milan, the renowned world-class & prestigious

football club, as Premium Sponsor until June 2016. Toyo believes that supporting a powerful and

genuinely proficient club like AC Milan will contribute to improving the global presence of the TOYO

TIRES brand and, in turn, allow it to more clearly bring out the potential premium of the products being

offered. This partnership can be expected to bring significant advantages to the brand in each market

where there is impassioned potential for football such as the Middle East.