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Runway Tires

Among Top 10 Tire Cos.World-wide

Runway, one of the popular tire brands in the world, is made by GITI Tire Co., which is one of Asia’s

leading tire manufacturer and among 10 largest globally. The company offers complete range of quality

tires, which are exported to over 130 countries.

Understanding Customer Needs

Runway Tires has always been driven to listen attentively to the voice of the customers and understand

their needs, local weather conditions, infrastructure, vehicle usage patterns, driving habits and motoring

expectations. By leveraging this understanding and combining it with cutting-edge R&D, Runway is able

to offer a technologically driven tire with a unique balance of performance and price that far exceed

customer expectations.

OEM Market

In the OEM market, the primary focus has been the fast growing Chinese auto manufacturers,

increasingly providing tires for their high-end models. The company also supplies tires to select

international auto manufacturers.

Strong R&D Capabilities

The group has 5 Research & Development Centers world-wide – in UK, Germany, USA, Indonesia &

China. A team of over 600 engineers in these 5 centers ensure the upmost quality of tire production and

delivery. The R&D Centers also collaborate with leading universities and research institutions around the