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Primewell Tires

Strong Global Credentials

Primewell is part of the internationally-renowned GITI group, which is the 10th largest globally. Truck &

Bus tires produced by Primewell are reputed for their highly-satisfactory performance and good value-for-money.

Comprehensive Range of TBR Tires

Using the latest design and manufacturing technology, PRIMEWELL has developed a range of Mission

Matched tires to meet the ever increasing demands of today’s transport operations covering Long Haul,

Regional, Urban and Mixed Service operations. For each category of operations, there are specific tire

patterns to suit that operation.

Strict Quality Standards

Primewell is fully committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality control procedures and has

obtained ISO 9001:2000 & ISO/TS16949:2002 accreditations for all five key manufacturing plants. All

TBR tires produced by PRIMEWELL for export satisfy European legal directives and regulations including

E-mark safety.