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Nitto Tires

Founded in 1979 in Japan, Nitto Tires is driven by passion and innovation. The company creates tires for

those who are enthusiastic about their vehicles, and always strives to anticipate and drive consumer

trends by supporting emerging markets before they are mainstream, helping them grow and driving the

market forward.

Radical Designs

Nitto’s tire sizing, tread patterns and tire compounds combine modern aesthetics with cutting-edge

technology. This technology has helped it create some of the most radical-looking tire designs in the

market today. These memorable designs are the result of state-of-the-art development together with

quality engineering. The company delivers truly high-quality tires that provided extended tread life,

improved traction and inspire driver satisfaction.

Rigorous Testing

Nitto tires undergo rigorous testing in some of the most treacherous on and off road conditions. Only

after the tires meet stringent testing standards they are put on the road.

SUV/4WD Tires

Grappler : Forge your Trail

Grappler tires are specifically designed to help you transition from pavement to dirt with ease. These

tires can handle the most challenging off-road terrain including dirt, sand, rocks and mud while

maintaining on-road comfort and minimal road noise.

Passenger Car Tires

Nitto develops high-quality, ultra high performance passenger tires that are engineered to perform in all

weather conditions and help get you safely to your destination. From style to function, Nitto passenger

car tires offer a wide range of unique and stylish tread designs that provide distinct performance

benefits ranging from all-season traction to dedicated summer performance. Each tire is manufactured

using Nitto’s state-of-the-art-technology that produces exceptionally uniform tires which are easier to

balance for a smoother ride.