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Continental Tires

Founded in 1871 in Hanover Germany, Continental is the fourth largest tire manufacturer in the world.

Over the last 144 years, it has grown into a global conglomerate employing 160,000 people in 190

locations world-wide.

Strong German Engineering Traditions

German companies are known for their engineering excellence, and Continental is no exception. The

company is passionate about performance : delivering trend-setting innovations, high performance

products and quality without compromise.

Continental has many innovations and patents to its credit. In 1904, it became the first company

anywhere to develop car tires with tread patterns. In 1987, with ContiEcoContact tires, it became the

first manufacturer to market environment-friendly car tires.

Europe’s market leader for Car tires

The high-quality of Continental tires is also confirmed by the confidence vehicle manufacturers have as

the long-standing market leader in the European Original Equipment segment with a market share of

over 30%.

Safety with Comfort

As Europe’s market leader for car tires, Continental places particular value on all safety-relevant

characteristics, whilst at the same time ensuring that driving comfort and fun at the wheel are by no

means neglected. Continental makes individual mobility safer and more comfortable, and that includes

safety when cornering and safety when braking.

Furthermore, regular tire tests carried out by leading international trade magazines serve to underline

Continental’s leading position in the market and clear focus on safety.

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