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Accelera Tires

High Performance & Stylish Tires

Accelera ultra high performance tire is constructed with the latest technology for maximum speed and designed with refreshing modern style suitable for all types of cars & SUVs. The tires are manufactured in Bogor, Indonesia by PT Elangperdana Tyre Industry, which started production in 1996.

Meeting Customer Expectations

The basic assets of tire production of the company are a well planned factory design combined with the latest technology machinery and dedicated human resources. Safety concern, Innovation, Creativity and Customer Orientation are factors which are combined in order to meet customer expectations for a tire.

Exported to over 50 countries

Accelera is sold in over 50 countries. The products are certified with ECE, DOT, SASO, GCC & SNI standards. The company continues to innovate in order to produce up-to-date tires according to latest standards.