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When it comes to replacing tires for your car … no matter what type of car or SUV you have …

AlMailem is definitely the best place to go to. Because here you get a wide choice of leading

world-class brands at affordable prices. You can visit any of our 20 showrooms located all

across Kuwait, and get your tires changed by experts in a friendly atmosphere.

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Top Brands

We are exclusive distributors for many top international brands – Toyo, Hankook,

Continental, Goodyear, Nitto, Runway, Accelera, Primewell, Ceat, Solideal, TVS and Atturo.

So, for any specific tire size, there are multiple options to choose from.

Diverse applications

Our product portfolio covers full range of tires for diverse applications – saloon cars, luxury

sedans, sports cars, SUVs/4WDs, commercial vehicles, industrial forklifts and earthmoving

equipments. And that’s not all – we even have specialized tires for oil-rigs, port stackers,

articulated dump trucks etc. So, whatever may be your tire requirement, you can certainly

get it in AlMailem.

Retail Network

The tires are sold through our dedicated network of company tire showrooms and service

centers conveniently located in all prominent areas. Be assured that there’s always an

AlMailem branch near your place. These tire centers are well-equipped with latest state-of-the-art equipments, and are professionally manned by trained staff.

Our tire brands are also available at various independent dealer outlets and co-operative stores in different areas.

Corporate Customers

For transporters, companies with large fleets and other corporate customers, we have a

dedicated outdoor team for direct sales & supplies. Just contact us for any bulk-enquiry,

and our salesperson will come and visit you in your office or site.

Our objective is to not just sell tires, but to offer solutions to customers which will help them

realize optimum value-for-money and satisfactory performance over the long run.

Our Brands

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You can take many steps to ensure that your tires last longer :

Check your tire pressure regularly (at least monthly). Ensure that your spare is also properly inflated.

Inspect your tires periodically for uneven tread wear, cuts, cracks, bulges, foreign objects, or other wear or damage.

Have your tires rotated and the balance checked around every 10,000 kms (Check your vehicle owner’s manual for specifics).

Observe proper driving habits – no overspeeding and avoid sudden brakes & jerks.

Keep your vehicle in good condition (especially suspension & alignment).

One of the most important aspects of caring for tires is Optimum Inflation Pressure. Proper inflation pressure keeps an even ground pressure of the tire tread, prevents uneven wear and stabilizes internal heat levels. In fact, the right inflation pressure delivers maximum performance not only in terms of safe driving & riding comfort, but also monetary savings.
Underinflation can be quite detrimental to tire life. It not only increases tire wear, but also creates excessive heat and makes the sidewalls vulnerable to premature failure.
Higher inflated tires lead to a harsher and uncomfortable ride. Moreover, the tire can be damagedquite easily, thus lowering safety standards.

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