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Automotive Batteries

Your car battery is one of the critical components in your vehicle, supplying electrical current

for the starter, engine and various electronic accessories. The auto-battery recharges and

stores energy from the car’s dynamo.

We understand the importance of batteries, and that’s why in our battery division, we are

dealing in top international brands supported by superlative service to take care of your needs.

We are the authorized distributors for HANKOOK (Korea) and INDEX (Indian) batteries. Both these brands are not just industry leaders in their respective countries, but are also highlyreputed world-wide.

Full Range

We carry full range of automotive batteries for all kinds of passenger & commercial

vehicles, motorcycles, golf cart & traction. So whatever may be your vehicle, we have

the battery for it.

Retail Outlets

We have two specialized battery centers located in Shuwaikh Industrial area. Besides this,

Hankook and Index batteries are also being sold through various independent dealers and

battery shops.

Fleet Accounts

For large fleets and bulk customers, we have a team of dedicated outdoor battery salespersons

for direct sales & supplies.


When you insert the ignition key and turn the switch to ON, a signal is sent to the car’s

battery. On receiving this signal, the car battery converts chemical energy into electrical

energy. This electrical power is delivered to the starter to crank the engine. The battery also

provides power to the car’s lights and other accessories.

One of the reasons is a weak or dead battery. If you have a battery tester, use it to see if the

battery is weak. If you can’t test the battery, try jump-starting. If the car starts right-away,

the problem is most likely a dead battery. If the car does not start by jump-starting, there

may be a problem with starter, alternator or other components of the electrical system.

A 12-volt battery is considered fully charged at 12.6 volts.

Check your battery periodically to make sure the battery terminal connections are clean,

snug and protected from the elements. Signs of corrosion or leaks could mean that the

battery is no longer operating optimally.

Make sure that the hold-down bar is secure in its place. If the battery is snugly seated, it

minimizes vibrations which can be detrimental to certain types of batteries.

The battery should be routinely tested to make sure it is optimally charged. If the battery is

weak, it should be recharged so as to maintain its peak performance. The recharge time

depends on the battery condition.

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