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Auto spare parts marketed and distributed by vehicle manufacturers with their own packing and brand logo are commonly referred to us as ‘Genuine’ Parts. For instance, Toyota Genuine Parts are auto-parts sold in Toyota Packing.

Yes, we are dealing in Genuine Parts – we have special agreements with authorized vehicle distributors to sell their parts. For Japanese & Korean vehicles, we are having Toyota, Lexus, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Honda, Hyundai, Daewoo & KIA genuine parts, whereas for American vehicles, we are dealing in General Motors, GMC, Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Cadillac, Dodge & Chrysler genuine spare parts.

Every vehicle has multitude of parts and components, and all of these are not necessarily produced by the vehicle manufacturer in their own plant. In fact, many parts/components are sourced from outside – from specialized Spare Parts Companies.

OES (Original Equipment Supplier) parts are auto-parts produced by these specialized Spare Part Companies for the vehicle manufacturers, and directly supplied by them to car manufacturing assembly production lines and their spare parts channels. These parts are proprietary in nature i.e. these are manufactured with patented/licensed technology. Therefore, simultaneously, the parts are also sold by the Parts-manufacturers under their own brand name.

The quality of OES parts is exactly the same as that of genuine parts – in fact, the only difference is in the packing.

Yes, we are exclusive distributors of many leading international spare part manufacturers, and are sourcing parts directly from them.The list of these OES suppliers is given separately.

Aftermarket/replacement parts are copies of the original parts, and are commonly manufactured by non-OE businesses, sometimes with their own tooling, and sometimes on OE discarded tooling. These parts offer a more economically feasible option as compared to Genuine & OES parts.

Just because these parts are relatively inexpensive does not imply that their quality is inferior. On the contrary, many of these items offer optimum value-for-money. As a matter of fact, some Aftermarket Parts manufacturers are quite large and internationally-reputed. As part of their corporate strategy, they prefer to sell their products directly in the market rather than dealing with automobile manufacturers.

We are procuring these parts from reputed spare parts manufacturers in USA/Canada/Mexico, Taiwan & Far-Eastern countries. Some examples are : CASP, China (Auto-lamps), CTI Taiwan (engine parts), EAP, China (Air filters & water pumps), Koyo Japan (bearings), etc.