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Your car’s windshields and sidelites come with specific performance characteristics from the

vehicle manufacturer. Some aftermarket replacement glass parts do not match these

performance specifications. These inferior glass products can have :

  • Reduced acoustic properties (more noise)
  • Non-solar optimized properties (increased heat build-up in the car)
  • Poor optics
  • Poor surface control (wiper blade missing spots)
  • Lower safety (quick breakage in accidents)

Therefore, for safety and performance, it is critical to get auto-glass from a reliable and trusted

company only. Be assured that all auto-glass supplied by AlMailem conform to the highest

quality standards.

Yes, of course. We are dealing with all insurance companies in Kuwait. Just get the necessary

work-order from your insurance company, go to any AlMailem branch and we’ll take care of

the rest.

Yes, we can. We have a mobile service van, which for a nominal additional fee, can come to

your place and fix the glass.

If it is a minor crack, you don’t need to change the whole windshield. Just come to our glass-

repair shop in Shuwaikh, and we would do the needful. However, in such cases, it is advisable

to come at the earliest before the crack grows.

We have tie-ups with many leading companies in Kuwait. Just contact us, and our salesperson

would come and explain to you the facilities available.

Yes, for special equipments, we can cut and custom-make glass as per exact measurements.

For such jobs, only high-quality laminated safety glass sheet is used.