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TRW Brake and Suspension Parts

TRW Automotive, with its global headquarters in Michigan, is a primary developer and producer of active and passive safety systems, and ranks among the world’s leading automotive suppliers.

As a global leader in automotive safety, TRW serves all major vehicle manufacturers worldwide with an established footprint that includes 185 facilities in 24 countries.

Major company products are a) Steering& Suspension Parts b) Brake Pads & Discs.

Steering & Suspension

TRW is a leader in design, development, manufacturing and integration of steering and suspension systems for passenger cars. Having a direct OE production relationship, TRW develops and produces all the key components of steering and suspension systems including suspension ball joints, tie rod ends, axial rods, track control arms and stabilizer links.

In Asia Pacific, the world’s fastest growing automotive region, TRW distributes over 3,000 steering and suspension parts giving it a market leading coverage position.


Safety on the road is priority for TRW. Buying brake parts from TRW gives you peace of mind. TRW’s manufacturing capabilities and quality commitment, innovation and extensive testing mean that TRW brake parts stand out.