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ENOC Product Range

ENOC is having a wide range of high-quality products for diverse applications. All products have approvals from leading automobile manufacturers.

Some of the main products are given below :

Protec X-treme Petrol Engine Oil

High technology fully-synthetic lubricant for high performance cars

Provides highest level of engine protection for all manufacturers.

Extended engine life, superior resistance to all thickening

Maximum protection against wear.

SAE 5W40


ACEA A3/B3/B4 – 2004

BMW Longlife – 2001, MB 229.3,VW-502.00/505.00 and Porsche


Protec Ultra Petrol Engine Oil

High quality semi-synthetic lubricant

Provides high level of engine protection

Excellent protection against wear and extended engine life

SAE 10W40


ACEA A3-98/ B3-98

BMW Special Oil, MB 229.1, VW 500.00/505.00

Protec Premium Petrol Engine Oil

Specialized high technology motor oil for petrol engines

Maximum protection in high-stress conditions

Maximum reduction of engine wear and friction

Reduced oil consumption

SAE 10W30, 15W40, 20W50


ACEA A-2/B2-98/2

Vulcan 770x Diesel Engine Oil

Super high performance long-drain diesel engine oil

For mixed fleet of automotive vehicles

Minimizes engine deposits

Excellent protection

SAE 15W-40

API CI-4, CH-4, SL

ACEA E5-02, E7

MB 228.3, Volvo VDS, Renault RLD2/RLD, MAN 3275

MTU Type 2, Cummins 20076/20077/20078

Active Premium ATF

Automatic Transmission oil based on latest technology

Qualified DEXRON IIIH specifications

For Power Steering where DEXRON III or Mercon Fluid recommended.


Allison C4

Zenon Premium Gear Oil

Manual synchromesh transmission for cars, trucks & buses

Spiral-bevel final drive axles in certain makes of trucks

Automotive sterring boxes


EN-Cool Coolant

Gives better cooling in high ambient temperature conditions

Suitable for all vehicles including aluminum engine construction

Premixed ethylene glycol and deionized water mixture

BS 6580 (1992) and EC 30,50,100

Verron – EP,MP Grease

Multi-purpose and Extreme-Pressure Greases for automotive vehicles,
general construction equipments& heavy earthmoving machines

Chassis grease lubrication points

Effective temperature range

NLGI – 2 and 3

Ultra Brake Fluid

Very high wet boiling point

Excellent low-temperature stability

High temperature viscosity performance

Excellent corrosion protection

Compatibility with different rubber seals

Excellent thermal stability in high performance braking conditions

DOT 3 and 4