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SAIMA Car painting spray-oven

Leader in Paint Booths

Saima is a leading Italian engineering company, which started production of painting systems and booth in 1983. Sales were initially limited to Italy, but subsequently expanded all over the world, covering Europe, America and Far East.

Gamma Spray Paint Booth

Saima’s 30 years experience has made the creation of Gamma Spray Booth possible. It has many outstanding features as given below :

Quicker Drying : By means of an automatic drying-painting bypass, temperature in drying phase increases, making the already warm air recycle.

New Power Board : Fully redesigned power board, equipped with an easier interface, which makes the working functions more convenient besides offering the flexibility of adjusting both temperature and working phases.

Metal Base :In case, there is no possibility of carrying out concrete works, a metal base can be supplied as optional.