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MANATEC Pit Wheel Aligners

Asia’ s leading manufacturer

Manatec is one of Asia’s largest manufacturers of garage equipments. Located in India, the company manufactures Wheel Aligners, Wheel Balancers, Two-Post Lifts, Gas Analysers, Head Lamp Aligners & Digital Air Tire Inflators.

Focus on Product Development

The company through its in-house R&D indigenously designed and developed Optical Wheel Alignment systems in 1991, the first company to do so in Asia. Following this, the R&D dept continuously designed and developed wheel balancers, tyre changers, exhaust analysers, smoke meters, automatic tyre inflators and other products. With this, Manatec is one of the very few companies in the world having technology of eight different garage equipments.

Stringent Quality Control

Manatec is ISO 9001:2009 certified which confirms its commitment to quality systems. The organization is driven by fully-integrated ERP system that was introduced in 2007.

Global Reach

Manatec products are exported to more than 50 countries across the globe. This was achieved through Manatec’s capability of designing garage equipments with world-class technology & quality, and offering them at competitive prices.

Pit Wheel Aligners

At AlMailem, we are marketing Manatec Integrated Wheel Alignment Systems for pits. The system is using sophisticated computer technology for correctly diagnosing & getting accurate alignment results, which in turn translates into more satisfied customers for the garage.