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HOFMANN Tire changers, wheel balancers & aligners

Long-term partner with auto-industry

Hofmann is part of the powerful, efficient Snap-on Group, and has been partners to the automotive and tire industry for decades. For more than 80 years, Hofmann name has been synonymous for quality and competence in garage equipment, certainly an essential reason why these machines have been approved and recommended by many important car manufacturers.

Using Latest Technologies

Always pioneering new technologies, it is Hofmann’s goal that their machines meet the latest customer requirements, combining user-friendly features with the latest technologies on the market. The result is a large variety of patented innovations which allow you to do an excellent job in your line of business every day.

At AlMailem, we have picked some of the best Hofmann tire-related products, and have made available the same for you :

MONTY Tire Changers

Need to change tires ? If so, then Monty range of high-quality, efficient tire-changers is right for you. Available in multiple specifications – from the basic entry-level swing-arm model for small shops to sophisticated pneumatic, tilt-back post machines for premium services.

GEODYNA Wheel Balancers

Digital machines for balancing car wheels. Available in an impressive range of sizes : from basic models suitable for small garages to the heavy-duty ones for large workshops.

One of the popular models is Geodyna Optima II, a wheel balancer and diagnostic equipment with laser technology, in which 5 CCD cameras scan tire and rim from different directions with special 3D laser stripes so that in a single measuring run all data is detected and possible defects in tire or rim are diagnosed and documented with utmost accuracy.

GEOLINER Wheel Aligners

State-of-the-art wheel alignment equipments that use special PRISM technology which combines the advantages of CCD technology with those of 3D alignment technology. This makes wheel alignment accurate, flexible and easy to service.