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HESHBON Automotive Lifts

Leader in Automotive Lifts

Founded in 1991 in Korea, Heshbon is in the business of designing and manufacturing lifts for the swiftly expanding automotive industry. This continues to be the central focus of Heshbon, though the company product range now covers a comprehensive program of workshop-related equipments. Heshbon’s products are exported to various regions including Europe, America, Australia and Middle East.

Continuous quality improvement

Heshbon has an ongoing research & development program to improve the quality and ergonomic design of equipments to ensure a safer and more efficient workshop environment. The company received the ISO 9001 certification in 1996 and was awarded the government approved Q-mark for the first time in this industry. Heshbon has recently opened a new manufacturing complex, equipped with the very latest technology in CAD systems and production processes.

Product Range

Out of the full range of Heshbon automotive lifts, we have chosen some of their best-selling models, especially for Kuwait market. The following types of lifts are available with us :



Scissor Lifts

These lifts comply with all international quality & safety standards.