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Hankook Batteries

The company

ATLAS BX Co.Ltd is a specialized enterprise, which has been making various kinds of batteries

from automobile to shipping since 1944, when it was established in Korea. The company was

acquired by Hankook Tires in 1977, and since then batteries are marketed under Hankook name

among others. Atlas Bx continues to lead new battery technology through endless innovations

including AGM Battery for micro-hybrid vehicles.

Emphasis on Quality

An ISO-9001, ISO-14001 and TS-16949 certified company, its R&D Center is concentrating

efforts for developing new technology and new products for the latest generation of vehicles.

Trouble-free Performance

The strong points of Hankook maintenance-free batteries are minimized self-discharge and

maximized heat resistance, which are achieved by adapting a special calcium alloy and a X-

Frame. Further, the center lug and low-resistance isolation plates help in realizing better

ignition power and longer lifespan.