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Specialized car garage Al-Rai

At AlMailem, we have always placed emphasis on offering superlative services to our valued customers. In continuation of this policy, we have recently opened a specialized car garage in Al-Rai. Professionally managed by qualified Armenian auto-technicians and equipped with latest state-of-the-art diagnostic & repair equipments, it provides specialized service for all kinds of cars.

Premium Services offered in the garage are as follows :

Automotive Diagnostic Services

The new generation of automobiles are highly sophisticated with complex machinery & systems. In case of any problem, it is imperative to correctly diagnose and zero-in on the exact cause. For this reason, we are using top-of-the-range Auto  logic diagnostic  tool in our garage.

Autologic is a high-level software based automotive diagnostic tool that enables vehicle technicians to repair a range of car brands, such as BMW, Mercedes Benz, VAG, Jaguar, Porsche, Volvo and Peugeot, Citroen and Renault. Recently Rolls-Royce was added to the brand portfolio.
“With Autologic the results speak for themselves”

Our Autologic Diagnostic Machines gives us the confidence to undertake any service repair required without having to involve the dealer or call in outside help. For each brand,  Auto logic offers a comprehensive range of service. It operates with manufacturer’s Diagnostic Troubles Codes (DTC- also known as fault codes), providing full accurate diagnosis.

Denso Air-conditioning systems

Every ride in your car should be cool and comfortable, that’s why at AlMailem we offer a variety of air-conditioning services and repairs.

We are the exclusive dealers of world-class DENSO compressors. One of the finest lines of compressors available, Denso’s strict standards of quality ensures that the units are built right the first time, so that they last longer and perform better.

Electro-Mechanical Jobs

We provide all kinds of electro-mechanical services including complex transmission and engine jobs. Our trained auto-technicians can handle any car, and that covers high-end European models also.